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DTCO 1381 Sample Printouts

The data recorded by the digital tachograph can be printed out on special printer paper. These printouts replace the tachograph chart.


Some printouts (e.g. the Technical Data printout) are part of the inspection documents. They prove that the inspection has been performed in compliance with legal stipulations.

Recording relevant data electronically ensures that the data is available, easy to understand and reliable. Printing this data provides an indisputable record of

  • the driver's activities over the last few days and
  • vehicle usage over the last few months.



Please observe the legal regulations in force in your country for printouts, particularly the obligation to keep these printouts.

In Germany companies must keep digital recording equipment printouts for at least 12 months.

Printouts must be stored in such a way that they are not damaged (become illegible) by light, sun, damp or heat.


Upon request, customers can have their individual logos imprinted on the printouts.

Data block specifications

Data block specifications

  • Each printout consists of a succession of different data blocks that are indicated by block identifiers (1).
  • A data block contains one or more data records that are identified by a data record identifier (2) (unlike the block identifier without pictogram).
  • No data record identifier is printed directly after a block identifier.


Sample Printouts

Driver (Driver Card)

Vehicle (DTCO 1381)

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